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Forensic AccountantsKinsel Forensic Accounting, LLP

Accuracy, detail and precision are hallmarks of Kinsel Forensic Accounting, LLP. When financial concerns require a clear, concise discovery and explanation our team is ready to provide all solutions at hand. With more than 60 years of industry experience our forensic accounting firm delivers unsurpassed service combined with a strategic approach that provides clear cut answers for even the most complex financial cases.

Effective Forensic Accounting Services

Many forensic accountants on our team are certified and licensed in multiple areas such as certified public accountants, accredited in business valuation, certified in financial forensics or certified fraud examiners. Our professionals are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of our practice including litigation support, business interruption claims, lost profits claims, economic damages, business disputes and fraud investigation cases.We provide a responsive service by immediately addressing the areas of business that are of major concern. Our clients rely on our expertise and extensive knowledge to deliver the accurate results to resolve their forensic accounting needs. We aim to be available for you when you need a forensic accountant expert in Los Angeles. We at Kinsel Forensic Accounting are committed to providing you with excellent service that is backed by years of experience. We can provide assistance with: Forensic Accounting Expert Witness Legal Support Insurance Claims Business Valuations Fraud Investigations

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Contact Kinsel Forensic Accounting to schedule a consultation by calling us at 1 (818) 265-9713 or 818-265-9714. Our certified forensic experts are here for your financial needs. Give us a call today for fraud investigations, business interruption claims, economic damages and other forensic accounting needs.


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